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Scholarship applications due June 23, 2018

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Meritorious Service Award One award annually to an FPHA member who has a record of outstanding contributions to FPHA in the field of public health for several years.  Nomination by FPHA member by letter with justification and detailed narrative of achievements.
Previous Meritorious Service  Awards

Homer D. Venters Award – One award annually to a public laboratory worker and FPHA member with less than 10 years experience in the field.  Nomination by FPHA member by letter with biosketch, including education and work experience. 

Hall of Memory – One award annually to a public health or allied health worker (deceased at least 2 years) who made a significant contribution to public health.  Nomination by FPHA member by letter; short reading of eulogy with family invited to attend.

Outstanding Reporter – One award annually to a Florida newspaper reporter who went beyond the call of duty to report public health concerns that furthered health promotion or disease prevention.  Nomination by FPHA member by letter with documentation including article(s), date, time, story or series and detailed justification.

Outstanding News Publication – One award annually to a Florida television station or reporter who showed leadership and excellence when covering major health events or publicizing an aspect of public health in the news.  Nomination by FPHA member by letter identifying publication, publisher, editor, and detailed justification.

Legislative Award - Up to two awards annually to members of the Florida or U.S. Senate or House for outstanding leadership advocating, supporting, or enacting legislation, thereby promoting public health policies and programs.  Nomination by FPHA member by letter detailing nominee’s history and accomplishments, specific legislation or legislative activity, benefits, etc.

Robert D. May, M.D. Award - One award annually to a public health worker and FPHA member who has demonstrated significant accomplishments advancing public health at local or state levels.  Nomination by FPHA member by letter with nominee’s information including professional status, experience and the special accomplishment that justifies nomination.  This award is a good opportunity to recognize “best practices” in local efforts.

J.Y. Porter, M.D. Award – One award given annually to a health educator and FPHA member to recognize outstanding contribution to health promotion profession or activities. Nomination by FPHA member by letter outlining justification for award.

Richard Hosking Award for Distinguished Service in Domestic Violence Prevention - One award annually to a public health worker and FPHA member who has demonstrated significant accomplishments in prevention of domestic violence and family preservation at local or state levels.  Nomination by letter from FPHA member outlining accomplishments and justification.











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Graduate Students
a Master's Degree or Doctoral Degree in Public Health or a Master's or Doctoral Degree in the field of Public Health may apply for an FPHA Scholarship which includes $350 award to be presented at the 2017 FPHA Annual Conference, free Registration to attend the 2017 FPHA Annual Education Conference, and a one year student membership beginning in July 2017. Active or student members of FPHA are eligible. Awardees will commit to serving on, and being active in an Interest Group; and remaining in Florida for at least one year to contribute to Florida's Public Health System following graduation.

Undergraduate Students
working on degrees in health-related or public health programs may apply for an FPHA Scholarship which includes a $150 award to be presented at the 2017 FPHA Annual Conference, free Registration to attend the 2017 FPHA Annual Education Conference, and a one year student membership beginning in July 2017. The student does not need to be a member, but must be nominated by an Active FPHA member. Awardees will commit to actively serve on the Student Interest Group.

FPHA members may send application packets (see link for more information) postmarked or emailed no later than June 23, 2017 to:

Florida Public Health Association

14646 NW 151st Blvd.

Alachua, FL 32615

Phone (386) 462-1551

Fax (386) 462-1601
email:  fpha@srahec.org


2017 Awards
2017 Meritorious Service Award 
Christopher L. Nuland, J.D.
2017 Presidential Award
Natalie Preston

J. Y. Porter Award
H. Virginia McCoy

2017 Graduate Scholarships

Lea Heberlein-Larson 

SenĂ©e Mera Mobley 

Chintan Bhatt

2016 Awards
2016 Meritorious Service Award 
Robert J. McDermott, PhD
2016 Homer D. Venters Award
Alyssa Moffitt
2016 Robert D. May Award 
Ethel Edwards, MPH
2016 Presidential Award 
Jessica Weissman, MS
2016 Graduate Scholarships
       Aoleonne Joseph, University of Florida
Jessica Weissman, Florida International University
2016 Undergraduate Scholarship
           Anh Nguyen Tran-University of North Florida
Raymond Cam Truong, University of Miami

2015 Awards
2015 Meritorious Service Award 
Linda LaComb-Williams, BSN, MPH
Lori presenting award medal to Linda
2015 Homer D. Venters 
Edgar Kopp, MS, MT(AAB) 

2015 Presidential Award
Lesli P. Ahonkhai, MA
2015 Outstanding Legislator Award
Senator Aaron Bean
2015 FPHA Outstanding Reporter Award
Michele Gillen
CBS 4 Miami
2015 Graduate Scholarship
            Linda LaComb-Williams-NOVA         
       Southeastern University

Lori presenting scholarship to Linda

Heather Loran-University of North Florida

Lori presenting scholarship to Heather

Vickie Lynn-University of South Florida
              Oluwatobi Ozoya-University of South Florida
Ruchi Pancholy-University of South Florida 
2015 Undergraduate Scholarship
Irene Lopez Llorente-University of Tampa

2014 Awards
2014 Meritorious Service Award 
Judy Perkin, DrPH, RD, CHES
 Lesli present Judy Perkin her award.
2014 Homer D. Venters 
Lylah Seaton, MPH, MT, ASCP 

Rick and Lesli presenting award to Lylah Seaton. 
2014 Robert D. May Award
Yolanda G. Martinez, EdPhD, PhD, FCPM
Lesli presents Yolanda Martinez her award.
2014 Hall of Memory Award
Cora Eaves Braynon, RN, BSN, MPH
 2014 President's Award

 Richard M. France, PhD, MPH, MT(AAB)
Lesli presenting Rick France his award. 
2014 Graduate Scholarship
Alyssa Laswell - NOVA Southeastern University
Luis Ramirez - Florida International University
Chukwudi Ufondu - University of South Florida
Christopher Wheldon - University of South Florida

Lesli congratulates the Graduate Scholarship Recipients – Chukwudi Ufondu, Alyssa Laswell, Luis Ramirez

2014 Undergraduate Scholarships
Lesli Shaw
Sofia Zappi
Most Informative Poster
Behaviors and Perceptions around Road Safety at the University of South Florida
Arturo Rebollon Guardado, James Kukat,
Oluwatobi Ozoya, Danny Ramon, Won Oh


Lesli Ahonkhai presents the Most Informative Certificate to Arturo Rebollon Guardado.  Not pictured:     James    Kukat, Oluwatobi Ozoya,  Danny Ramon, Won Oh  


Most Innovative Poster

Exotic Dancers:  Occupational Health Needs Assessment and Analysis
Jacqulyne Perez, Geocel-Grace Castanares,
Peggy Defay


Lesli Ahonkhai recognizes Peggy Defay and Jacqulyne Perez for the Most Innovative Poster.  Not pictured: Geocel-Grace Castanares  

2013 Awards
2013 Meritorious Service Award 
Yvonne Salfinger      
2013 Presidential Award 
Mary Martinasek

2013 Homer D. Venters Award
Marshall Cone 
2013 Scholarships-Graduate
Chukwidi Buchi Ufondu, University of South Florida
Manuel A. Oscsio, University of Miami
Daragh A. Gibson, University of South Florida
Ludmilla Paul, NOVA Southeastern University

2013 Scholarships-Undergraduate

Christine Fisher, University of Tampa

Previous Meritorious Service




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