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28 Jul 2014 • The Florida Hotel, 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando
30 Jul 2014 8:00 AM • The Florida Hotel, 1500 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809
30 Jul 2014 1:00 PM • The Florida Hotel, Orlando,FL
15 Nov 2014 1:00 PM • New Orleans, LA


FPHA Annual Conference

The Future is Now:  Rethinking Public Health 

The meeting will be held at the Florida Hotel in Orlando, FL from July 30th to August 1st.  Room reservations must be made by July 11, 2014 to guarantee the $99 room rate (includes the service fee).

The Florida Hotel - 407-859-1500  or


 2014 FPHA AEC Program 7.14.14.pdf


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 Lesli Ahonkai, FPHA President 2013-2014                                   

It is indeed a privilege and honor to serve as your Florida Public Health Association (FPHA) president
for 2013-14. This coming year marks the 125
th anniversary of an established state authorized public
health system in Florida. We owe an enormous amount of gratitude to those that served before us.
Many of them have ensured that FPHA stood the test of time especially during the most challenging
eras for public health systems throughout our state and country.

After the first few decades of our state’s public health system adoption, the Florida Public Health
Association was created. A group of people saw the need to establish a professional organization
aimed at supporting public health professionals through advocacy and professional development
in order to maintain and develop workforce capacity for improved population health.

I assure you that you can continue to count on FPHA leading the way to Florida having the most
robust public health system and workforce in the nation.
This remains our vision and my charge.
We can’t do it without you. We need you to play an active role in this process. If you are not a
member, please become a member. If you are a member, I challenge you to invite someone else to
become a member.

We are YOUR public health professional organization working hard to serve YOU through advocacy,
professional development and networking to improve Florida’s health.
Thank you for the
opportunity to serve. Please join me.

Lesli P. Ahonkhai
President, 2013-2014

NEWS Items

2014 Annual Educational Conference

2014 FPHA AEC Program 5.20.14.pdf

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2014 FPHA_Poster_Session_Announcement_2014final.pdf     

Information on scholarships and member awards here

in Orange County-see pictures here
in St. Johns County-see pictures here
in Hillsborough County-see powerpoint here 
in Sarasota Count-see pictures here
FPHA has developed eight new Interest Groups to replace legacy Sections. 
They are:
Community Health
Chronic & Communicable Disease Prevention
Environmental Health & Protection
Health Informatics & Information Technology
Oral Health
Public Health Leadership
Public Health Nursing
Students (full time)
NEEDED now are volunteers who would consider leading each of these new interest
 With each group we need to have a Chair, Chair-Elect and any other officers
the group feels is appropriate. It is so important to have leadership in each area so that
those members will be able to communicate amongst each other and share news about
their area. If you think you would consider doing this, please let our Executive Office
know – floridapha@bellsouth.net or 904-529-1401.
The FL Center for Nursing Employer Survey was just published 
FPHA Legislative Reports are here. 


The Florida Public Health Review is live in its new home! We are still in the process ofadding archived articles, but at least authors can review the guidelines and submit articles for review.  If anyone is interested in serving as a reviewer or board member, please let Mary Martinasek (MMARTINASEK@UT.EDUknow. 


Read the latest FPHA Advocate newsletter here.

FPHA Strategic Plan approved on February 7, 2013 can be found here.


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